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HSBC Bank Italy

HSBC Bank Italy

HSBC Bank in Italy has been in operation since 1995. It offers banking services to corporate and institutional clients. The range of products that it offers includes current accounts, time deposits, money market deposits, liquidity funds, transaction management, liquidity management, import services, and export services.

Their head office address is: Via Clerici 14, 20121 Milan, Italy

They can be contacted by telephone: +39 02 72 437 1


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HSBC Bank Italy Discussion

  • Q: I will be purchasing a residential property in the north of Italy in the coming months. I require to open an Italian bank account. I already have an Italian tax code. Can you tell me if I can open an account with HSBC in Como or Milan?

    Reply Iain Mckerrow from Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Q: What cities in Italy have HSBC branches? Can I withdraw funds from either my US or Canadian HSBC accounts at the Italian branches ?

    Reply Neil from Seattle, United States